Autodesk to New Cloud-Based Management Tool

Autodesk to New Cloud-Based Management Tool
19/02/2021 , by , in ALLIED

Released earlier this month, Autodesk Build combines the tools of BIM 360 and Plangrid (two other Autodesk tools) to help companies manage workflow and communicate across different parts of the construction process. The pitch is that with Autodesk Build, a company can keep all of its documents, communication, and cost analysis in one spot. Think of it like Dropbox but specifically built for the construction industry.

Since Autodesk Build is such a value-add to projects, Autodesk can charge a pretty penny for it. Subscriptions cost $100 a month or more depending on your document limit, making each new customer worth thousands of dollars to Autodesk.

Autodesk Build is crucial to the company’s goals for the construction industry. With Autodesk Construction Cloud (I know, the product names are confusing, bear with me here), Autodesk wants to offer software tools to every stakeholder in the construction process. Autodesk Build is the glue that holds these tools together. For example, last year Autodesk invested in and developed a partnership with Aurigo Software, which makes software to help project owners manage capital expenses. Aurigo and tools like it are integrated into Autodesk Build, keeping all workers on one platform.

Autodesk wants to connect every part of the construction process to save time and increase productivity for its customers. That’s what all these products under the Autodesk Construction Cloud are for. Over time this should build a network effect throughout the construction industry. The more companies that adopt Autodesk Build, the more it convinces other companies to do so as well, which locks in existing customers and helps Autodesk build a moat around its business.

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