Awfis Launches WFH Integrated Platform

Awfis Launches WFH Integrated Platform
21/05/2020 , by , in ALLIED

Awfis a coworking space provider has launched ‘Awfis@Home’, an integrated platform enabling distributed work experience through its 3-pronged approach – The a@h Assessment Tool, The a@h Toolkit & The a@h Tech-enablement. This product provides the flexibility to efficiently work from the comfort of one’s home while replicating the setting of a productive office work environment.

Specifically designed to promote productivity, connectivity and convenience, the a@h toolkit works on a monthly subscription model starting at INR 2500, offering higher cost savings and flexibility with zero capex. The integrated toolkit provides the users with smart solutions that are focused on enhancing the physical infrastructure for working from home through smart & ergonomic furniture along with tech solutions like high speed broadband connection, data security, IT solutions & collaboration tools.

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