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“Believe in yourself and never let anything or anyone dampen your inner sunshine.
Binitha Dalal – Head of Fund Raising, Rustomjee Group ”

How have you maintained synergies between professional and personal life?

I have always heard people saying if you do what you love then everyday seems like a holiday. I can now say that with confidence that this statement is true and that’s how largely there are perfect synergies in my personal and professional life. Also for me personally family and my friends are like my oxygen, without whom my daily functionality becomes a challenge, thus for me ensuring sufficient balance is key for me to function and towards that I ensure that the amount of passion with which i do my work, i also plan and spend time with my family and friends.

What are some of the career achievements that are close to your heart?

Since I deal with fund raising, the first loan I ever did in my position was a huge achievement for me, the next was running the tie up with IKEA for Rustomjee, wherein for the first time in the history of IKEA’s 60+ years of existence they got into doing fully furnished homes with a developer. It was the world’s first fully furnished IKEA home being sold by a developer which is a unique achievement in its own.

What are the general perceptions about women in your field of career and how have you handled them?

Unfortunately there are very few women in the real estate industry, however the ones that are there are doing outstandingly well and are leading from the front. Women today in real estate are growing in numbers and are working across all the aspects and areas of the construction industry and are leading from the front. What I have learnt to understand is that as long as you can keep your head down and stay focused on where in life you want to go, handling all hurdles can be overcome in life.

I want to run a marathon in Ladhak and that’s one of my future goals.

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