Bath at Ease

Bath at Ease
Oct 2017 , by , in Products

ViegaAdvantixVario Shower Channel comes with adjustable length.It can be installed as a straight line from 30 to 280cm as well as in a corner design in L-shape and U-shape. Even at a low installation height, it gives a drainage capacity of 24 litres per minute. The 20mm wide overall water inlet of the shower channel stainless steel grate can be centrally adjusted. The drainage capacity of the shower is 0.4-0.8 litres/second and can be doubled by combining two shower channels. A dirt trap which can be removed for cleaning keeps the drain and drain pipe free of hair. The shower channel is also fitted with the self-cleaning drain Advantix.

Advantix Vario Shower Chanel_by Viega 2

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