Bath Designs in Glass

Bath Designs in Glass
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Bath Designs in Glass

Luxury bathrooms are increasingly employing glass in all aspects of a bath design not only to modernize these spaces, but also for its functionality and elegance.Vikram Khanna, COO –Consumer Glass, Architectural Institutional Businessand CMO, CIO Asahi India Glass Ltd briefs on the creative layouts possible using glass.


Homeowners these days are looking to achieve a uniquely modern and sophisticated bathroom décor. Myriad options of bathroom décor can be achieved with the use of glass. The high-end appearance it offers is unmatched, which is reason enough for many homeowners to choose glass. Glass gives the bathing area an airy feel despite small space. Apart from maximizing on existing room, glass brings visual connectivity with the rest of the bathroom. Transparent nature of glass ensures that there is ventilation and flow of light (natural or artificial).


One of the latest trends is using glass walls between the bedroom and the bathroom. These glass walls are made of Smart glass or switchable that change from transparent to translucent or opaque when light is switched on. On turning lights ON, the glass wall becomes opaque for complete privacy and when lights are switched OFF, the glass returns to the transparent state. From hotel rooms to residential application, this glass lends visual spaciousness and a rich and refined feel.

Glass vanities are yet another unique application in a modern day bathroom. Clear, tinted, frosted, or patterned glass can be used for designing these washbasins.The use of transparent glass countertopsis a non-traditional but a gorgeous looking style when combined with light and unobtrusive glass shelves to make the bathroom look larger and brighter.  Wide range of mirrors in terms of effects, patterns, colors are available which gives stylish look to the bathrooms and also create an illusion of more space.

Glass can be used on shower walls, tub surrounds and as a backsplash. A lacquered/back painted glass is ideal for application in bathrooms. Its unique colored, opaque appearance adds life to the décor. It is also moisture resistant.Glass mosaic tiles are popular for mural effect in a traditional bathroom while, mirrored tiles exude modernity and Italian glass tiles refer to a contemporary setting.

Bathroom shower designs have evolved through time and the traditional shower doors and curtains have been replaced by the up to date, elegant and chic glass shower doors of today. Glass screens and shower enclosures are specifically designed to cater to the modern lifestyles offering you utility as well as aesthetic appeal. They can be made with high quality tempered glass laminated glass with PVB interlayer. These glasses apart from being extremely safe and durable also provide a positive illusion of more space, making your bathroom look spacious, fresh and elegant.


The transparent feature of glass makes for elegant and stylish bathroom designs. Shower enclosures add beauty to your bathroom, giving it a contemporary look and at the same time fulfilling the basic criteria of a separate wet and dry area, leaving your bathroom looking great all the time.

Glass is, by its very nature, durable, tough and easy to maintain. By following a few simple guidelines one can ensure that it stays clean and brilliant for many years. The glass panels should be cleaned after being installed (end of the project). The labels and dirt should be removed followed by washing with water. Glass panels should be cleaned regularly with water. Sometimes a bit of neutral detergent can also be added.

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