Be Motivated And Accomplish Anything

Be Motivated And Accomplish Anything
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In an exclusive interview with Gulshan Nagpal, Founder & Managing Director, Gulshan Homz, who won Scroll of Honour Award from Realty Plus

How does it feel to receive the scroll of honor from Realty Plus?

Thank you so much for this honor. I feel humbled to receive this award from Realty Plus. I would like to thank the entire team of Gulshan Homz and my family for being my strength as always and Reality plus for recognizing the accomplishments of Gulshan Homz Pvt. Ltd.


What are your biggest trends?

We are passionate about constructing marvels, so we know the trends and understand where the market and industry is headed. We don’t expect buyers to do all the leg work. Our latest trends in home design and amenities help us distinguishing our homes from others. And it’s not all flash, our new projects are geared to pare maintenance and energy use also with newer construction technology, we are trying to deliver before time.

We always keep on communicating our market segment & channel partners and also understand them that what they would like and want to live at our property.

We don’t just think about floor plans and put picture of a smiling family in our creative but aspire to demonstrate how the space will work for them. We try to be visually centric. For instance more and more people are considering downsizing, and adjusting to smaller spaces. We show them why they should… or shouldn’t!

My thought has always been that more you communicate what your developments are really about; the more customer/buyers will want to engage with your project and your company, which ultimately translate in becoming the trends.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

When you are motivated, you are a wholehearted participant in your own life whether it’s professional or personal, so you also become the driving force for your organization. The key to motivating people is “giving them space to develop themselves to their full potential. If you care to find out about them and their needs and ambitions, you will find what motivates them, that keeps them performing at their best.” Motivation also requires managing hurdles which come along the way that drains energy or distractions that take your eye off the ball.

To sum up motivation needs recognition and reward and at Gulshan Homz we recognize and reward employees time to time to keep them happy and motivated.

What is the USP of your company?

Gulshan Homz has garnered a notable reputation of timely delivery of world-class as well as customized price projects. Also eye for every minute detailing making every house distinguishes us from other counterparts. We take utmost care while delivering the houses and also pioneer in post-sales services which take care of all the maintenance needs of residents at our properties.

What is the advice you would like to give to upcoming and young developers?

Indian real estate sector is dominated by high-net-worth individuals and large corporations but very few are interested to be in this industry or taking it as a full time career choice except the inheritors, mostly due to challenges in accessing financing scroll of honour – North and getting statutory approvals from the government and council offices was also challenging because of bureaucracy.

I would recommend that they should document their ideas. We have seen the project through on paper as successful and diligently implementing step by step. When you can present your ideas properly, people tend to support you. Also they should also consult and hire right professionals for their organization. I have always strongly believed in that – You can hit success at 30; you don’t have to wait until 60, just have unwavering commitment and be patient.

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