Believes In Honesty, Responsibility

Believes In Honesty, Responsibility
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Vaibhav Dhingra, Executive Director, AVEC Realty is an entrepreneur with a rich experience of strategy, sales & marketing. An alma mater of Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, he began his career with a trusted brand like Pidilite Industries Limited and groomed himself to reach a leadership role. As an Executive Director of AVEC Realty, he has ably spearheaded the Company since its inception to be a trusted and recognized name in the sector. Vaibhav is highly respected and widely regarded for his congenial personality and his strength as an able initiator.

What are the services offered by AVEC?

Avec Group offers a diverse range of services for its clients. This includes:
• Residential Real Estate Services
• Commercial Real Estate Services
• Capital Services & Portfolio
• Property Management
• Valuation & Audit Services
• Research & Advisory Services
The attempt at AVEC is to ensure that the client’s expectations are met with in the best way possible, by providing them a single point of contact for seamless services.
Do you have different teams for residential and commercial projects?

Yes, we have different teams for each vertical like Residential, Commercial, Property Management & other services.
• Each team is spearheaded with zealous leaders with the mandate to lead the vertical into a new dimension of growth and development
• The leadership team is comprised of Top B-school graduates with myriad experiences, thereby enriching the culture and enhancing the knowledge paradigm.
For residential projects, AVEC combines asset knowledge, structured processes and investment market expertise to add value to the client’s realty assets.
The services provided include Corporate Residential Services, Transaction and Home Search Services, Tenancy Management and Residential Project Marketing under the Residential Projects.
For Commercial Projects, AVEC has an experienced team of realty professionals who judiciously combine in-depth Market Research with local expertise and detailed up to strategies.
Services under commercial projects are Tenant Strategies and Solutions, Project Marketing, Landlord/Tenant Representation and Brokerage and Investment Services.

For Corporates, what are the services offered by your company?

AVEC’s corporate services are specially guided to meet the needs and aspirations of MNCs and corporate looking to optimize their real estate negotiations or building a realty portfolio. The various services that the categories cater to are:
• Transaction Management

Acquisition & Disposition of Assets
• Office Expansion & Lease Administration Services
• Retail Services
• Industrial Services
• Landlord and Tenant Representation
• Valuation & Advisory Services

What are the team strengths of AVEC Realty?

Avec Realty is an accomplished talent pool of professionals with in-depth knowledge in their respective spheres. The team is young and dynamic with the core values of honesty and responsibility.
What is the USP of your company?

AVEC enjoys a unique position in the market with its approach of:
• Clients first: We have our interests aligned with clients objectives and value long term relationships
• Customizable end to end solutions for each client ensuring a single point of contact for all diverse needs
• Quality workforce & strong leadership across all practices helps in value creation for clients at each level.

When you talk about property management does it involve overseas clients as well?

Certainly. AVEC has clients across the developers and clients are arranged. After the meetings are done there is a detailed understanding done of market/ opportunity and assessment, key success factors and routes to entry and exit. Final presentation of reports and intelligence study is followed by report review and feedback.
• Research at AVEC is an ongoing process and not one time activity;
• The teams track various dimensions of research in terms of price movements across assets & markets, vacancy & absorption rates, price volatility, & future directions;
• On basis of above, clients are advised specifically as per their requirement which assists them in informed decision making & value addition.

What is your vision for Avec Realty?

AVEC is aiming high for the future.
• AVEC is a quintessential real estate brand and we aspire to become a preferred Global Brand in the markets we serve
• Our vision shall be to create sustained value for all our clients across different segments, geographies & asset classes through ethical, professional & responsible conduct
• We strive to provide an open & supportive culture for all employees encouraging them to adopt an entrepreneurial approach to creating value
• We aim to become a leading property management firm with focus to handle assets across different countries & all segments

What are your future plans?

AVEC strives to be service provider of ‘choice’ for its cross – section of customers.
• AVEC focus is to expand in the key markets in India as the first step followed by venturing abroad;
• AVEC has strong focus on vertical integration & look forward to foray into developments at opportune time;
• Lastly, as we grow, we shall focus to introduce Real Estate Fund backed by key investors and principals.

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