Bharti Realty Resumes Operations

Bharti Realty Resumes Operations
12/06/2020 , by , in ALLIED

Bharti Realty, following strict guidelines and elevating the maintenance protocols to meet the social distancing norms along with safety, security and hygiene, they have resumed operations of its office and commercial spaces in Worldmark Aerocity and Gurugram.

The company has taken measures to maintain highest level of hygiene in common areas by installing touch free sanitisation systems. A QR code based touch free access, parking access management system for tenants and visitors entering the parking lots has recently completed trials in Worldmark, soon to be implemented in other developments.

It has been made mandatory for every entrant to pass through a contactless temperature screening procedure, wear mask and follow social distancing guidelines while entering the building premises. This is besides modification in seating arrangements to ensure adequate social distance between colleagues.

All buildings of Bharti Realty are designed as per ASHRAE (62.1) guidelines; such buildings maintain an optimum temperature between 24-30 degrees and ensure supply of conditioned fresh air.

The company has installed (Treated Fresh Air Units) TFA, MERV 13 filters at all its properties to ensure conditioned fresh air for a dust and virus free environment. This is besides installing ESP filters at Wordmark-Aerocity, Bharti Crescent and Airtel Centre to take care of even 1-micron particles. The company has also designed basement ventilation for 6 to12 air changes besides taking measures to ensure fresh air 5 CFM (Cubic Feet/min) per person or 0.6 CFM per sq. ft in the building. This is at par or better than the new ISHRAE Covid19 recommendation for HVAC systems. To carry out operations responsibly, ‘Bharti Care’ has issued certain guidelines and have deployed a comprehensive SOP.

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