BlueRock Fund Acquires the Headquarters of German Media Group

BlueRock Fund Acquires the Headquarters of German Media Group
14/03/2016 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

BlueRock, a regulated real estate investment fund, announced the acquisition of the “Neven DuMont Haus”, the headquarters of the DuMont Mediengruppe in Cologne, Germany. The property is leased to the traditional media group, one of the largest media companies in Germany, with a lease agreement of 15-years.

The headquarter built in 1998 by the renowned architectural firm Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner is considered one of the most spectacular designed office buildings in Germany.

BlueRock’s decision to execute this flagship deal in Cologne, stems from an in-depth analysis, the macro-economic commercial environment of the city. The vacancy rate in Cologne is extremely low and currently continues to decrease.

BlueRock is an AIFMD compliant fund, licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (FSC). The fund is compliant to the European Union’s Alternative Investment Fund Management Directive (AIFMD) which is the golden standard of regulation for this type of fund. The fund is therefore required to fulfill and follow incredibly stringent regulations in the interest of protecting their investors’ money. Likewise, the fund benefits from the consultation of top tier legal firms in Europe and the global accounting firm of BDO, which serves as its auditing body.

BlueRock is an experienced Investment Fund, benefiting from investments from private clients and investment managers from all over the world. Investors in the Fund receive a quarterly management and financial report. The Fund is a protected cell company which allows creation of multiple Cells, while each cell is completely ring fenced from the others. Investors from all over the world can purchase units of the fund’s cell, subscribing via a dedicated ISIN through their bank account.

Ronny Pifko, Director of BlueRock Fund said: “Investors choosing to diversify their investments in the BlueRock Fund will be able to enjoy a high quality and responsible investment, usually available only to institutional investors. The fund allows an investment of minimum 250,000 Euros, in order to participate in such an extraordinary investment.”

BlueRock Fund was created by the initiative of Toledo Capital AG, a Family Office in Zurich, Switzerland. The fund acquired eight office buildings and a portfolio of residential Real Estate valued at over 280 million Euro, with an annual return of 9%-12%. Source: PRNewswire

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