Book Match Tiles by Orient Bell Limited

Book Match Tiles by Orient Bell Limited
19/10/2018 , by , in ALLIED

Orient Bell Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic, wall, floor and vitrified tiles recently added Book Match Tiles to its product portfolio. These tiles have been launched pan India as part of Orient Bell Limited’s new product development in August 2018. With a premium and classy Italian marble look, book match tiles take on the look of abstract art and create beautiful finished effects with stunning designs which are often used as floor tiles.

Book Match Tiles are categorized under Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles which are scratch and stain resistant with a consistent design, pattern and structure. Available in two different sizes (600X1200 and 600X600), the Book Match Tiles provide the most unique way to showcase the natural beauty of marble and stone and can become statement pieces of art. Due to their multiple uniform patterns, these tiles also give the impression of a bigger and wider look to spaces. Additionally, with the long lasting quality of Italian marble, book match tiles offer limitless design options for creating stylish spaces.

There is a high demand for book match tiles among top architects due to their inherent properties and ability to create trendy spaces. Additionally, they are well received in tier 1 and metropolitan cities with large living spaces and blend well with both classic as well as modern décor. They are also equally popular in tier 2 and 3 cities.

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