Brexit have positive, negative effects on UK

Brexit  have positive, negative effects on UK
04/07/2016 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Confidence in the UK’s commercial real estate markets will unquestionably fall due to the Brexit uncertainty with a ripple effect set to spread beyond London, according to a new analysis.

It is likely that decisions will be pushed back in the period of heightened economic and political uncertainty that no one can define or quantify and it will most likely take several years for people to fully understand the implications of the decision to leave the European Union, says the report from Fidelity International.

But there are likely to be positive as well as negative effects due to the referendum decision. ‘The question is whether resultant pricing volatility is a fair reflection of inherent risks or a potential mispricing opportunity,’ said Adrian Benedict, the firm’s real estate director.

He pointed out that before the referendum, transaction volumes were already down 50 per cent in the year to date compared with the same period in 2015. ‘We anticipate volumes to remain modest for the rest of 2016 as investors assess the implications,’ he added.

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