Bringing Balance between Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

Bringing Balance between Motherhood & Entrepreneurship
May 2021 , by , in Interviews

On the Occasion of Mother’s Day on May 09, Realty+ brings the Perspective of a Few Motherpreneurs in the Real Estate Sector.

Working moms are masters at multitasking. Between setting up school lunches and juggling conference calls, today’s career women are finding their own ways to attain the unrealistic work-life balance. Being fully committed to work and family is an impossible task to take over. Working moms try to juggle work, relationships, and housework are the real ‘sheroes’ of the family. They walk a tightrope in managing affairs both at home and while running an organization. These architectural mompreneurs showcase how to achieve a full-time career while being an active mother by balancing with utmost poise. 


Sujata Chitalwala, Principal Designer at Designers Group

“The strength, love, and togetherness of a family is something that inspires me, and this is what I look at, for inspiration when I sit down to ideas while designing a home for a client. My upbringing has been very simple and is reflected in my thought process thoroughly as I believe in holding onto my roots and practicing pragmatism. This helps me to savor a simpler approach towards design as well as upbringing of both my daughters. Being a mother not only involves taking care of my daughters, but also involves how I take care of other responsibilities. An equilibrium must be achieved in the personal and professional life, else it can change how I will be perceived in society and the workplace. I hold the opinion that being a mother helps women to perform better and multitask in extreme situations.”


Pallavi Pashine, Principal Architect at “Salankar Pashine and Associates”

“My father-in-law, on the birth of my first child, just said one thing, the most difficult job is good parenting. I believe as a mom, I would feel I have accomplished everything if I have happy kids and as a designer, I would have attained a zenith if my clients are satisfied. My work is my passion and communicating that with my kids ensures that they respect my work time and my office, further teaching them to always achieve goals one is passionate about. My priorities have always been both with my family & work, each job segregated from the other mindfully to spend quality time at each.  It is difficult to achieve a perfect balance but setting the priorities right is the goal. Very few are able to achieve this elegant balance of managing both work and home and come out shining!”

Every minute of the day counts as precious and these moms are saving time by planning and organizing their day well in advance. This also prepares them in overcoming any shifts in their routine with grace. Working moms are great jugglers when it comes to getting work done. It represents a women’s never-ending quest to find the perfect balance. But it has to be remembered, no one is perfect. One has to acknowledge all that has been attained in the day and all that is done. The fact that it will be done tomorrow again with just as much energy and elegance means that it has been well mastered just like anyone else!

Shaily Ganatra, Interior Designer & Founder at “The Auura Interior Design Studio”

“I am ambitious and I completely dedicate myself to all work that I undertake. Whether the work is at home or at the office, giving each job its priority has always taken precedence. I try to set an example for my kid and for my team by committing to all work taken and being professional & reliable. I have had immense support from my family & better half, Kalpesh Ganatara who handles the technical business side of the firm. This familial support has given me the core strength to overcome any challenges faced over the years.” 

There is an immense advantage at staying positive and setting separate boundaries at work and for the family. Women find the balance in achieving set times for each activity when they prioritize well to juggle & delegate work evenly. But no one is perfect. At the end of the day, acknowledge all that has been attained in the day and all that is done. The fact that it will all be repeated again tomorrow with just as much vigor and energy means that it is in fact a job well done! 

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