Budapest Real Estate Continue Skyrocketing

Budapest Real Estate Continue Skyrocketing
13/06/2018 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Real estate prices have been growing in the Hungarian capital for years. According to the Duna House, the real estate prices in Budapest have doubled since 2014. The average sum per square meter was 420 thousand HUF (EUR 1,321) then. Last year this sum increased to more than 788 thousand HUF (EUR 2,500). According to the latest data, growth has not stopped. In 2018 the average square meter price reached 900 thousand forints (EUR 2831).

However, 13% of them was already more expensive than 1.1 M HUF (EUR 3,460). Motivation was mostly the intention to invest, but it sometimes happened that customers changed their small flat to a bigger one.

Since the district is relatively small, such high prices can be found everywhere in it. The increasing demand can raise the prices even higher and investing in real estate in Budapest has now become more attractive.

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