Building a bond of trust

Building a bond of trust
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Gayithri Punjabi-Mirza Director, KG Foundations Pvt Ltd. , in an exclusive interview with Realty Plus

How do you feel after winning the Realty Plus Award?

It is a great honour to be chosen for this award from the prestigious Realty Plus magazine. My heartfelt gratitude to my mentor, father and founder of KG Foundations, Mr. Kishor Kumar Gokaldas for giving me a free rein to chalk my own path and create my own experiences. I also wish to thank my team at KG who have bought into my vision for the company and supported me in my journey as an entrepreneur and professional.

Has it raised the bar of expectation from you for the future?

Personally, this has been a very special award, to be recognized in a male dominated industry. Despite winning similar awards from various other esteemed organizations, it always reinforces the three pillars of hardwork, integrity and resilience can transcend across all barriers – be it a man or a woman. I hope this award will inspire the many young women professionals and entrepreneurs that there is nothing that a woman cannot do in India. And the real estate industry will be richer for it!

Do you think the jury process was transparent?

The selection process was extensive, comprehensive and fair.

What are your biggest trends?

Over the past 10 years, we have witnessed a significant change in our TG; the average age of our customers has dropped from 48-52 years to 34-38 years.

Our customers are globally exposed, brought up in age of the internet, are highly individualistic and enjoy variety. On the product front, we cater to the dynamic needs of this new set of customers. Furthermore, we believe that the woman is the centrifugal force of a home and our homes are designed around them. Providing product options across all segments. Catering to their unique needs by providing customizable and bespoke functional and aesthetic options. Building brand equity and providing value enhancing opportunities.

Using technology to provide for real product experiences. Keeping processes and documentation simple, easy to comprehend and transparent.

Fundamentally, taking the hassle out of the home buying experience and providing a comprehensive product and delightful service experience.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

We have delayered the management structure to increase the speed of decision making. Employees derive greater gratification with the quick closure of issues and we have found it increases productivity. Significant cross training across the department keeps employees knowledgeable, ensure they feel part of a larger cause and work better as a team. Vision building exercises and personal growth motivators are provided. Pursuing higher education, fitness and contributing time to social causes are encouraged.

Interestingly, we have always had a strong women workforce particularly, for sales and marketing. From 2008 – 2012, we were the only real estate development company in India with an all womens’ sales force.

We provide a holistic, dynamic and fast paced work environment for both professional and personal growth.

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