Building plans to move fast on record update in Chandigarh

Building plans to move fast on record update in Chandigarh
04/07/2018 , by , in News/Views

The urban planning department of the UT administration has decided to end the confusion among residents and architects owing to non-updation of control sheets. The decision has been taken to effectively implement the self-certification scheme on request of a city-based architects association.

According to norms, building plans are submitted on control sheets prepared and issued by the urban planning department. Over the years, the administration has made several amendments in the bylaws to meet the requirements of residents. Many amendments have not yet been incorporated in the revised control sheets issued to architects and not included in the new rule book, leading to the confusion.

As per architects, there are more than 50 such amendments which have not been incorporated either in the control sheets or the new rule book. Some of the amendments pertain to height of courtyard; coverage of cut outs in shops; and width of staircase in showrooms. The courtyard height vary  from sector to sector. The norms pertaining to height in Sector 17 are different for sectors 16, 19, 22 and 27. The architectural controls of Industrial Area are not uniform.

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