BuildTrack focuses on people, process and technology

BuildTrack focuses on people, process and technology
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Realty Plus in conversation with Dr.Narendra Bhat. He is President &Founder of BuildTrack– A leader in Smart Automation and IoT solutions. He was formerly a consultant for McKinsey & Company, Inc.

What sets BuildTrack apart from its competitors?

BuildTrack has been a leader in Smart Automation and Internet of Things (IoT), delivering state-of-the-art solutions for Homes, Enterprises, Hotels, Hospitals, Senior Living, Energy Efficiency and Building Management Systems (BMS) that have won multiple awards from industry leading associations such as CII, IAMAI, RealtyPlus. BuildTrack solutions offer the broadest range of functionality catering to most aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Operational Efficiency. The solutions are delivered with perhaps the most flexibility in the industry due to the multiple formats of connectivity options – wireless, wired or hybrid combination of wired and wireless to suit new construction and also existing spaces, both large spaces such as entire buildings and campuses, and small spaces like 1BHK apartments.

What are the unique offerings by the brand in smart automation and IOT?

BuildTrack’s unique Smart Automation and IoT offerings are crafted into solutions that serve multiple market segments. Some of these include; Wired Home Automation Systems for New constructions, Wireless Home Automation Systems to retrofit existing homes, Building Management Systems (BMS) that provide single point of control and monitoring for all aspects of the building  We are infact one of the only brands of Smart Automation to focus on Energy Efficiency Systems, that ranges from centralized control of existing Air Conditioners and lighting to Sensor based autonomous control of ACs and lighting. These are some of our unique solutions, feasible on the BuildTrack Smart Automation &IoT framework.

What is BuildTrack’s contribution towards enhancing the development of Smart Cities in India?

A smart city brings together the mission intended, to promote smart solutions so that consumers/citizens are provided enhanced infrastructure that is safe and secure and that they are able to efficiently manage their assets or resources. In sync with the same, BuildTrack is playing a significant role with integrated focus on people, process and technology. Our systems are designed to support Monitoring and Control on any scale, small or large. At a city level, BuildTrack frameworks are being deployed to centralize monitoring of multiple buildings for fire and other fire safety elements.

How important are IOT and smart automation for the real-estate industry?

One of the fastest growing segments of IoT is its application to Real Estate to improve aspects of Safety, Security, Comfort, Convenience, Energy Efficiency and Operating Efficiency. Most new homes in the coming decade will be smart homes, enabled by IoT; these homes allow the residents to be connected to them and appliances within, even when they are not at home. Most buildings will be smart buildings as well, such that the expensive assets from pumps, motors to elevators are monitored for efficient performance and being able to extend their performance lifetimes as well. The data generated on operations in commercial real-estate such as Offices and enterprises will serve them to operate better in terms of space utilization, energy utilization and safety, security and well-being of the employees.

What are some of the projects you’ll have worked on?

In the area of Home Automation we have worked with Architects and builders across the country to enable hundreds of Smart Homes across India. With over 20 channel partners spanning 13 states we have touched homes in most metros across the country. Some of the landmark buildings where we provide Home and Building Automation include ‘The 42’, one of India’s tallest buildings based in Kolkata. We have also served many projects with builders such as Kalpataru, Puranik, Lokhandwala and more. We have enabled energy efficiency in locations such as Mumbai International Airport, Mazgaon Docks Ltd, Bridgestone and GM to name a few. We have served Hotels such as Ramada Lucknow and Ambience Udaipur for Automation and Hospitals such as GNRC and RG Kar have also adapted our centralized controls. Automated multiple Jaquar Showrooms where we have deployed smart control for displayed lighting. These are but a few of the projects where our BuildTrack framework has been deployed.

What is BuildTrack looking to achieve in 2019?

In 2019 we look forward to extending the footprint of our BuildTrackIoT and Smart Automation platform to serve the same areas on a wider scale. We are one of India’s leading ‘Make in India’ company that has designed and innovated products. The market for applications is large but requires care and cultivation. We hope to be able to do that and be present in more homes , offices, hotels and hospitals across India making a significant difference in the lives of the people to make them more safe, secure and comfortable. We want to also leave our mark in the area of energy efficiency by allowing businesses to lower their energy consumption towards better economics and sustainability.

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