Cabinet approves plan to double solar power capacity

Cabinet approves plan to double solar power capacity
23/02/2017 , by , in ALLIED

The government approved doubling of capacity to 40,000 MW in solar parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects (UMSPP).

“The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today approved the enhancement of capacity from 20,000 MW to 40,000 MW of the Scheme for development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects,” an official statement said.

The enhanced capacity would ensure setting up of at least 50 solar parks each with a capacity of 500 MW and above in various parts of the country. Smaller parks in Himalayan and other hilly states, where contiguous land may be difficult to acquire in view of the difficult terrain, will also be considered under the scheme.

When operational, the total capacity will generate 64 billion units of electricity per year which will lead to abatement of around 55 million tonnes of CO2 per year over its life cycle.

It would also contribute to long-term energy security of the country and promote ecologically sustainable growth by the reduction in carbon emissions and carbon footprint, as well as generate large direct and indirect employment opportunities in solar and allied industries like glass, metals, heavy industrial equipment. The solar parks will also provide productive use of abundant uncultivable lands which in turn facilitate the development of the surrounding areas.

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