CAG questions Noida Authority over 20 builder projects

CAG questions Noida Authority over 20 builder projects
Jun 2019 , by , in Latest News, News/Views

The Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) team seems to have finally started tightening its noose around Noida Authority, as it has sought an explanation regarding allotment of plots for 20 builder projects within a month.

The Authority CEO met all concerned departments on Wednesday and ordered that the replies must be sent on time.

In fact, the CAG team has submitted about five pages of queries for every project, indicating that rules were bent for allocation of all these projects between 2005 and 2015. Most of these projects are of group housing societies. The CAG team has been conducting an audit of Noida Authority’s projects for the past one and a half years and was seeking documents till now.

“The queries mention that in some cases the Authority took 10% instead of the requisite 30% from the developers for allotment of plots. Some other builders have still not fulfilled all terms of their contract, over 10 years since the allotment was made to them,” said a Noida Authority official.

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