CAIT approach election commission for directions to political parties

CAIT approach election commission for directions to political parties
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While taking a dig at the political parties, the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has raised the issue of Election Manifesto and said that it is generally contain false and tall promises to lure the voters and once the elections are over, the political parties are never bothered about the sanctity of the manifesto and it goes to waste basket.

In a communication sent today to Chief Election Commissioner Shri O.P.Rawat, the CAIT has demanded the Election Commission to  direct the political parties to include only such Agenda in their Election Manifesto for which they are serious to take forward.. It has also demanded that  each political party should be made accountable for the promises made in its respective Manifesto and should ob obliged to give a detailed account of the steps taken by it in furtherance of the promises made in the Election Manifesto.

CAIT Secretary General Shri Praveen Khandelwal in his communication to CEC said that it is highly regretted that once the elections are over neither the political party in power or in opposition cares for its respective election manifesto. It appears that the election Manifestoes are released just to lure the voters only in pre-election period and once the elections are over, the political party in power never bothers to fulfil the statements made in the Manifesto and equally the parties in opposition never take steps to pursue the Government for its promises made in the Manifesto.

He further said that in fact, release of election Manifesto has become more a custom and ritual, the sanctity of which is never protected by the political parties. It has more become a tool to confuse and mislead the electorates and certainly it impacts and influence the voting in elections since almost all the time false and tall promises are made to lure the voters on wrong pretext.Such a tendency is to damage the basic fabric of the democracy which allows the electorates to cast the vote without any influence and pressure whereas the promises made in the Election Manifestoes influence greatly to the electorates.

The CAIT has sought an appointment with CEC to present its detailed representation and to discuss the issue.

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