Canadian ‘Hobbit House’ Up For Sale for the First Time

Canadian ‘Hobbit House’ Up For Sale for the First Time
03/08/2020 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

An earthen home built into the hillside near Millarville, Alta., by Calgarians Rodney and Ouida Touche in 1971 is on the market for the first time since its construction. It was designed by Bill Milne, the architect behind the Calgary Tower and the city’s pathway system.

The House got it nick name from the book The Hobbit, where the house in the book has a round door opening to a long, tube-shaped hallway and the best rooms are on the left because that’s where all the windows were. This is exactly the design of the house built at the Alberta foothills.

The house was built by carving away half of a hill and pouring concrete between domes made of mesh and rebar. A conscious decision was made to keep the home from ruining the sweeping landscape. The property also has a Nature Conservancy of Canada easement attached to it, in order to ensure that the land is kept safe.

The inside of the house is as unique as the exterior. Lights and bunk beds are built into the walls, the tiles in the kitchen floor are slightly curved so that they don’t hurt bare feet and a fireplace can pivot from the living room to the master bedroom with the flick of a switch.

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