Capability For Change Is Engrained In Design

Capability For Change Is Engrained In Design
Nov 2019 , by , in Interviews

Andreas Diefenbach, Managing Partner at Phoenix Design believes leadership in design, calls for a new perspective and for a culture of true creativity and full curiosity.

Interview by: Leandra Monteiro

Phoenix Design engages with a good number of companies worldwide. One of their long term partners on a global level has been Hansgrohe. They have been working together and designing their products for more than 30 years now. In addition, they also work with brands like Duravit, Audi, BMW, Huawei, Deli, LUQEL, TRUMPF and more. They have a much diversified scope of segments for which they design which ranges from home products, office products and even mobile phones.

“With technology disrupting every industry, products have become more intelligent. Everything is turning into a digital ecosystem and we are living in a world of user interface. Thus we need to keep updating ourselves and our products in order to stay relevant. For this purpose we have an inter-disciplinary team working on designing products in the digital age.”

Indian Ambitions

Phoenix Design specialises in the field of home, mobility and commercial. These are the three areas which they would like to focus on in the Indian market.

“I believe it is very important to be amidst the culture we are designing for, that’s the reason we have come to India. Working on more projects here is a very interesting possibility. The Indian culture is very different but inspiring, emotional and really human. It is very important for us to understand this diversity and then design.”


Vision for 2020

As we work on inventing new product design we have the opportunity to bring change. So, in the New Year we are aiming to use this power of change that we possess to create more sustainable products for our clients. With the global ecosystem in a fragile state every small initiative is a step towards a better tomorrow. Less but better is the message we want to put forth.

Products are going to exceed the expectations of human beings in the future. A lot of products will fade away in order to make way for new innovations.


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