Celebrating financial independence of a woman on International Women’s Day

Celebrating financial independence of a woman on International Women’s Day
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Today on the stint of International Women’s Day, there can’t be a better time to start working towards a financially independent life. Celebrated on March 8 every year, International Women’s Day gives us a chance to celebrate the financial independence of a woman. Gone are the days, when only asset, where women used to invest was gold. The women are equal to men in every aspect and should plan their financial portfolio to have an independent and stable life. Well, these tips on the occasion of International women’s day are good to start with.

Gold jewellery does not provide recurring returns, look for other options:

Most of the women are fond of buying gold jewellery and gold accessories for themselves. Well, there is no doubt that gold is a great commodity to invest and seek good returns. However, gold jewellery does not provide recurring returns or interest income, infact it is never sold at a prevailing gold rate, due to additional making charges. One could invest in various options like equity, fixed deposits, PPF, insurance covers, real estate.

Equity exposure

Equity is certainly a great investment tool that is turning out as a favourite investment option for people. Equities can be a good option to invest and a women should get an exposure of equity in the form of diversified options like mutual funds, stocks, ETFs etc.

Insurance planning

Well, an investment does not means an asset that gives you returns. Human life is subject to various life risks, therefore a women of the house should also invest some money in insurance schemes for herself or her family. A women can invest in various term plans, health insurance schemes for securing their life and goals in the future.

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