CenturyPly Announces Application of Virokill Technology in its Manufacturing Process

CenturyPly Announces Application of Virokill Technology in its Manufacturing Process
Oct 2020 , by , in Press Room

Century Plyboards (India) Ltd., India’s one of the largest manufacturer of plywood and decorative, had been relentlessly working throughout the lockdown period and has come out as a pioneering solution in the wood panel industry. The brand has announced the use of nano technology in manufacturing of its plywood and laminate products. The highly activated and energized Nanoparticles physically rupture and kill viruses coming in contact with it. This has been tested and certified under Antiviral Efficacy Test as per ISO 21702:2019 international standard, by Biotech Testing Services (BTS) Mumbai. The certification declares an efficiency of 99.99% in killing viruses. The nanoparticles are effective throughout the lifetime of furniture as those are embedded in the polymer matrix system. Currently CenturyPly is using Virokill technology in manufacturing of Architect ply, Architect plus, Club prime/710 plus, Bond 710/Pro710, WIN MR, IS:710 Marine for plywood range, Club Prime, Bond 710, Win MR for Block boards, Century Laminates (1 mm), Natural Veneer (Natzura woods) and entire teak range.

The brand has launched new advertisement in association with creative agency Wunderman Thompson to explain the benefit of CenturyPly Virokill products. The film features a couple who enter a newly built empty house. Impressed by the various custom-made furniture, the pregnant wife is moved by a beautiful cradle. Her natural instincts was to touch the cradle but she holds herself back apprehending it as in safe. Noticing the hesitation in his wife, the caring husband comes forward and assures that all the furniture are made of Century Laminates and Ply, made with nanotechnology which enables them to destroy viruses coming in contact with it. Renowned actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay has been roped in for the advertisement who with his natural charisma will indeed connect with the audience to spread the message of bringing CenturyLaminates and CenturyPly  products home . The advertisement will be aired on TV, digital, radio and trade channels to ensure that target consumers are aware of this pioneering advancement brought in wood panel industry by Centuryply. (Ad link: https://youtu.be/gFWNGNAxvR0 )

Commenting on the launch, Mr Keshav Bhajanka, Executive Director, CenturyPly said, “Since February, during the onset of Covid pandemic in our country, we have been trying to provide a solution to our consumers to make them feel safe at their own homes. I am glad that our technology has been certified to offer to our customers, laminates and ply that kills 99.99% virus it comes in contact with. The addition of technology adds another feather to the already existing expertise of CenturyPly as a provider of innovative solutions in home decorative space. Our new TVC addresses same need and concern of consumers regarding the current situation and explains the safety to maintain surface safety at home.”

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