Choosing the road less traveled and living it up together!

Choosing the road less traveled and living it up together!
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Celebrity sibling couples are fascinating. It’s interesting to see what makes them stick together despite the madness and hustle that comes with fame and unconventional choices. Huma Qureshi- Saqib Saleem give us a glimpse into unique sibling chemistry.

Right at the beginning of the home tour, Huma addresses the all-important question – despite being away from home, why do the brother-sister duo stay together? For the siblings the answer is simple — the reason they stay together is that they’re away from the home they grew up in, and they want to be together for each other in every way possible.

It’s this sentiment of protectiveness and comfort that pervades through the home, even as the siblings pull each other’s leg and indulge in fun banter while taking us around their Mumbai home.

What’s fascinating to see through this journey is how they each have their own space in the house, which is a reflection of their unique personality. So for instance, Huma has her reading corner. A self-confessed bookworm, Huma believes that travelling and reading are the two best ways for a person to grow. And that love for reading is reflected in her cosy ready nook, with its very own quirky bookshelf.

Saqib, on the other hand, has another space he claims as his own. With light streaming through the windows, an L-shaped couch facing the television, and most importantly, his PlayStation – this is the corner where he spends hours at a time.

The family is the rock in the lives of sister brother duo Huma Qureshi-Saqib Saleem, standing behind everything they do and aspire for — whether it’s their bold professional choices or their unconventional home décor!

Sometimes, the siblings even use the same space in a different way; which is again an expression of their individual identities. Take the example of their terrace, which is a green haven amid the madness of Mumbai. For Huma, this space represents her “downtime”— her chance to listen to birds chirping in the morning as she sips her coffee and prepares for the day ahead. For Saqib, on the other hand, the same space represents a fitness space within the house. It’s where he keeps his punching bag — his go-to for staying fit, venting his frustrations, or even expressing his happiness.

Yet another extremely heart-warming aspect about the duo is their approach towards making the big decisions. They seem to have it figured out — Huma is the planner and the artist so most decisions around home decor are hers. Saqib, as per his own admission, focusses more on “executing” those decisions and does so quite happily. So whether it’s the unique distressed furniture, the mismatched dining table chairs, the memory wall (which predominantly has photos of their large and loving family), or the colour of the walls — it’s Huma’s artistry and flair that shines through.

An interesting facet that really stood out was the story of how they eventually bought the house. Huma was the one who saw it first and fell in love with it. Saqib resisted the idea for a long time, as he felt fairly settled in their house in Andheri. It was Huma who really pushed him to just see the house once — and the rest, as they say, is history.

“What family brings to a person is just something else. Family is where the heart is” Huma Qureshi

The duo time and again talk about the importance of family and what that means. And this feeling resonates through every corner of their home.

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