Climate smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF2.0) 2020

Climate smart Cities Assessment Framework (CSCAF2.0) 2020
Sep 2020 , by , in Interviews

Anindya Mallick, Partner, Deloitte India on the announcement by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Given the population density of most of Indian cities it is important that urban challenges in terms of climate change risks and related disaster situations are identified, assessed and mitigation measures planned. The Climate smart cities assessment framework 2020 will support the cities in planning and managing measures for addressing climate change related aspects that may affect the cities and its people. The framework addressed aspects of environment and resource sustainability across the water management, waste management, air quality, energy and green cover & bio diversity.

Street for People Initiative

A great initiative to give the city back to the people by encouraging pedestrian movement and creating public spaces for outdoor activities. Though initiated against the backdrop of the current pandemic, with an aim to rejuvenate local and informal economy of the city (while maintaining safety and hygiene measures), this is expected to bring in permanent features to develop public spaces that promotes outdoor activities for citizens across all age groups and economic strata. The challenge method ensures that it is a grounds up inclusive approach through which opinions of all citizens are considered – very much like the smart city plans which was developed through a similar challenge mechanism under the 100 Smart Cities Mission program.


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