Collaborations with organised players is the way forward

Collaborations with organised players is the way forward
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Realty+ in conversation with Mukesh Kundariya, Managing Director-Segam tiles

Your comments on how Morbi has become the hub of tile manufacturing units.

Morbi was known for the production of roof tiles at the beginning of the 19th century. But after the time of modernization, the situation of the business of the roof tiles had changed, and the enthusiastic businessmen of Morbi had to think about the new business, and at this time Morbi’s entrepreneur, visionary, time-seeker, who were ready to invest, did surveys, and found that Ceramic tiles that are imported from abroad can be made in Morbi.

Ceramic tiles industries are the foundation of the idea of generating their skills, business skills, raising opportunities for employment, making Morbi a world number one, which also includes geographical and natural blessing.

Such as, the easily found Morbi clay and other interstate minerals which are suitable for ceramic tiles. The Kandla and Mundra port are close to Morbi to importing machinery and raw materials from abroad,  and  for export too.

Today, Morbi’s 950 ceramic tiles companies standing with their 35000 croreyearly tone over. Which is the biggest achievement of ceramic industries. , and today, with the opportunity to visit foreign countries and abroad, bringing the foreign exchange of millions of rupees to India, Morbi became the world’s second largest ceramic hub, and, giving the opportunity to the millions craftsmen from approx all the state of India,

What are the challenges faced by Morbi ceramic units.

Beginning of the ceramic units faced high skilled workers shortage, and, after finding solution of it, faced sort of some imported raw materials such as colours and some minerals, which are making high quality standard, finally found solution and started importing those materials and used it, to make space in international market to promote Indian ceramic tiles.

However, ceramic unit’s fights with all kind of problems suddenly some units have to shut down coal gas. Which were helped to costing down to stable in competitive market.

On other hand manufacturer used gasifiers faced problems of rising of gas prices. But it’s not the end.

About international market the China was a big challenge for the Morbi Ceramic Industry, Entrepreneur here worked hard to create good quality tiles to compete in the world market against China and, to sell tiles with reasonable prices, however, industrialist of Morbi made it possible and create worldwide market,  TodayMorbi’s ceramic tiles exporting to  more than 150 countries.

Morbi ceramic industries always finding right and suitable way to achieve their milestone.

The partnership model of big organized players with Morbi manufacturer?

There are the great collaboration of big organized players with Morbi manufacturer, due to production system and the quality of ceramic tiles by manufacture unit equipped with high technology equipment and machineries observations by highly skilled staff. Conclusion, quality and capacity can beat a European standard also.

Is the Morbi tile industry getting organized?

Of course, Morbi tiles industry always implement new ideas and developed it’s self as well organized industries.

Which are top countries where Morbi tiles are expected

Morbi ceramic got international market today and exporting material to many countries,, including US, Canada, Middle east, Latin American countries Mexico, Brazil and European countries also Poland Romania ,Russia, Albania, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia ext.

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