Combating COVID-19 through Plausible Initiatives

Combating COVID-19 through Plausible Initiatives
09/05/2020 , by , in EXPERT ZONE

Anand Sharma, Founder Partner, Design Forum International talks about the opportunities that lie ahead, post-pandemic.


Considering the time after the lockdown, delayed procurement of raw materials would mean reduced construction activities for ongoing projects in the coming months. The uncertainties around labor returning to construction sites from their hometown post lockdown are the other adverse impacts that will result in an increase in cost of construction.

However, predicting the larger perspective, the extraordinary times can be seen as an opportunity to give a thrust to ‘Make in India’ campaign.

Within this regard, the Government of India has been encouraging companies that manufacture raw materials such as steel, aluminum, to increase production capacity and hold a larger market share. The same concept can be applied to other domestic construction industry suppliers and manufacturers in India like solar panel manufacturing companies.

Therefore, it can be concluded that seeing this situation as an opportunity in disguise, enough measures can be taken at the National level in order to protect our Indian business sentiments.

Perhaps, making the most out of these unprecedented times is the immediate and the best course of action. Hence, the architectural, engineering and construction industry stakeholders have also come up with a plethora of initiatives to engage customers, protect employers and sustain connectedness during work from home phase through cloud-based solutions.

Inviting and engaging customers. Sales via video conferencing, virtual walkthrough experiences and convenient online payment getaways can provide aid to developers. Optimizing technology and moreover making it a usual practice to gather sales will take some time. Innovation such as artificial intelligence-based chatbots, Internet of things and leveraging 3D imaging to replicate the experience of a site can transform the way the industry operates and functions.

Distant Project Management Practices. Gone are the times when the idea of technology replacing humans was largely based on fear and insecurity of termination of manpower. In the meantime, through cloud-based connected practices in the construction industry or precisely the present ‘work from home arrangement’ can be made successful while using cloud-BIM integration technology.

Cloud computing technology like Building Information Management (BIM) Development is a major transformational force that will produce another wave of change across the construction industry. Apart from being useful at the planning/ design and construction level this technology can prove to be major game changer on various stages – operations and maintenance, facility management, energy efficiency and building life–cycle management.

Traditionally, AEC industry has shied away from the extensive use of technology and now we have arrived at a point in history, where remaining puritanical is no longer a choice. Every disruption has a hidden meaning, let this one be interpreted to coax and guide us all in the AEC industry to be more collaborative, connected, and transparent.

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