Competition Commission dismisses complaint against Sana Realtors

Competition Commission dismisses complaint against Sana Realtors
24/04/2019 , by , in News/Views

Competition Commission Tuesday dismissed allegations of unfair business practices made against realty firm Sana Realtors. The complaint was filed by a group of individuals, who had booked units in the company’s project ‘Precision Soho Towers’ located at Gurugram, Haryana.

It was alleged that the firm abused its dominant position by imposing unfair and discriminatory conditions in the flat buyers agreement. They were also aggrieved by the delay in handing over the units.

For the case, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) considered ‘the market for commercial units for office space in Gurugram’ as the relevant one.

In its order, the watchdog noted that presence of other players in the relevant market indicates that competing products are available to consumers. Hence the firm does not appear to be dominant in the relevant market, it added.

In the absence of dominance, the company’s conduct cannot be examined under the provisions of Section 4 of the Competition Commission Act.

Besides, the CCI said that no facts, evidence or even appropriate provisions of Section 3 of the Act are mentioned in the information provided by the complainant.

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