“Concrete” innovation is born: Identifying problems and finding simple solutions

“Concrete” innovation is born: Identifying problems and finding simple solutions
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“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring.”

Abhijit Sutradhar, a 29 year old land surveyor from West Bengal has modified his work helmet to make it more comfortable to wear during hot weather conditions. Abhijit who has studied upto 12th class and holds a diploma in survey from Bishnupur Public Institute, West Bengal, has more than six years of experience in survey and currently working at Phoenix Tech Zone site at Hyderabad. He is working as part of SIBY Mining’s team. He hails from a family where his  runs a furniture business, mother is homemaker, and has two siblings – a brother and a sister.

Whilst at Phoenix site, he observed that few of his colleagues and friends used to take-off their helments in the afternoon due to extreme heat – identifying this as a serious safety breach, he spoke to them to understand why they were doing so. Having understood their problem, he took upon himself to find a solution. This combined with the fact that safety week celebrations were initiaited at the site, it prompted him to get on with his innovation. Abhijit with the help of an old CPU fan and a switch button extracted from a toy that was fixed to a battery, modified his helmet and fixed the fan at the top of the helmet such that the fan provides cooling within the helment and the battery can be recharged by simply plugging it into a mobile charger plug using the USB wire that he affixed to the helmet. A simple yet effective step to hel allievate the problems faced by his friends. Also read http://realtyplusmag.com/mumbai-realty-most-affordable-property-option-globally-2/

Of course there are safety and security concerns of modifying the helment, however, his intention was to show the possibility of such modification to the management who appreciated it immensely and are committed to help him improve his design and also help him in whatever way possible. Such zeal and  innovative mindset needs the right amount of encourgement and Phoenix management is committed to help him in this endeavour.

Abhijit has done many such interesting project works during his childhood. He was thinking of this fan from a very long time but in his previous organisation he was not encouraged to do such experiments with his helmet. It’s because of the motivation in his current organization he made this fan after his working hours in about 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Simple innovation like this which costs about Rs. 300/- shows that innovation at the grassroots level keeps happening, what it needs is the right encourgement and motivation and people at the grassroots level will be able to come up with realistic and cost effective innovations to solve their day to day problems.

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