Construction Ban in Delhi – Impact on Project Completions

Construction Ban in Delhi – Impact on Project Completions
Nov 2021 , by , in Interviews

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, Vice Chairman, NAREDCO commenting on the announcement about repealing the farm laws, said, “The disastrous environmental pollution in Delhi-NCR has created an emergency situation, impacting the life and health of citizens. India has faced a similar dreadful Covid-19 crisis, which brought life to a grinding halt. To ensure this doesn’t happen in Delhi-NCR, it has been imperative that the Supreme Court takes ad-hoc measures to resolve the grave situation.”

“Construction activities contribute a small percentage to the total pollution, but since other sectors like stubble burning, coal fire at power plants and automobile pollution among others, cannot be stopped, the Supreme Court has decided to impose a timely ban on construction work in Delhi-NCR,” he added.

“This will have a disastrous impact on project completion, will result in delays in handing over apartments as per the stipulated timelines as also lead to job losses for migrant labourers. It is hoped that a collaborative effort will be initiated by the various governments and regulatory bodies to achieve a holistic solution, saving the National Capital from such hazardous pollution perils,” he concluded.

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