Construction Waste Turned Into Furniture

Construction Waste Turned Into Furniture
15/01/2021 , by , in ALLIED

Central Saint Martins graduate Irene Roca Moracia has created a collection of modular furniture using discarded building materials, as a way of critiquing the wastefulness of the construction industry. 

The system, called Appropriating the Grid, consists of 11 building blocks that can be combined and joined with metal clips to serve a range of different functions, from seating to storage. To create the units, surplus reinforcement mesh is welded and cold patinated by hand to form a frame, which is then topped with different types of cement and sand that were thrown away because their packaging had torn while being transported to the site. This layer is internally reinforced through insulation panels that were broken or water damaged in transit and coloured using fractured bricks, which were powdered to create a pigment. 


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