Cops unearth real estate fraud in Wanaparthy

Cops unearth real estate fraud in Wanaparthy
22/09/2018 , by , in News/Views

Wanaparthy DSP Srujana on Friday urged people not to fall into the trap of fraudsters who may approach them with schemes, money circulation, multi-level marketing and other financial frauds. The DSP said that such frauds have recently come to their notice.

Wanaparthy District Police had recently uncovered a fraud by individuals who formed a syndicate, registering different firms and agents in villages and were collecting money from farmers in rural areas in the name of schemes (promising real estate ventures).

One such case of a realtor named Kanche Ravi in Wanaparthy duping several people by promising them land in a fictitious venture in survey number 219 A at Chityala village of Wanaparthymandal had come to the notice of the police. He had asked several people to invest by paying money monthly under Kanthulavaari Scheme. According to DSP Srujana, some people who were duped by him had filed a complaint and the police was currently investigating.

She said that without permission from the authorities, such fraudsters were forming syndicates and were opening firms to collect money from innocent people and were registering and re-registering the same piece of land multiple times in the name of multiple buyers. She added that the police department was monitoring all such activities and perpetrators of such crimes would be dealt with sternly.

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