Corona Update – India readies for Stage 3 transmission

Corona Update – India readies for Stage 3 transmission
28/03/2020 , by , in News/Views

Dr Girdhar Gyani, the convenor of the Task Force for COVID-19 Hospitals has said that the coming five to ten days would be essential to control the epidemic because all those who are asymptomatic now, might start showing symptoms.

Community transmission is the most critical stage during an outbreak. At this stage, an epidemic can spread fast in the community and it gets difficult to trace the original source. Gyani, who

“We are running short of time in preparing COVID-19 hospitals as the outbreak in India can happen any day in coming weeks and we do not have enough trained medical staff and COVID-19 hospitals yet,” he said.

He also pointed out that the government is still following the old stringent policy when it comes to conducting coronavirus tests, and this needs to change urgently. “The government is testing only those who have all three symptoms together, coughing, breathing problem and fever. If the patient is having only one of the symptoms then they will not be tested.”

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