Covid Has Fuelled Luxury Holiday Homes Demand

Covid Has Fuelled Luxury Holiday Homes Demand
Nov 2021 , by , in Interviews

Nish Bhatt, Founder & CEO, Millwood Kane International expresses his opinion on the rising demand for luxury holiday homes.

With the rising demand for luxury holiday homes, homebuyers are looking at larger spaces to reorganize their lives and enable better work-life balance post-covid. This has pioted the focus of people in consolidating their move to an urban well equipped luxurious second base boasting of contemporary amenities to live the WFH dream.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst for the real estate sector. Even as we prepare to lead a near-normal life, there are many companies that are providing a hybrid work model to their employees. Some companies have offered their employees a permanent work from home option.

Restriction on travel has led to people preferring to spend vacation time at private homes in the peripheral areas of the city. These factors have led to strong demand for luxury holiday homes. People have realized the importance of health and wellness which was often neglected in the past. Holiday homes and apartments with indoor wellness centres will continue to witness traction.

The permanent work from home has led to people shifting away from crowded cities towards a holiday home that provides privacy and comfort. The restrictions on travel, hesitancy by travellers to check into Hotels and resorts will continue to fuel the demand for holiday homes.

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