Covid Vaccination For Maharashtra 10 Lakhs Registered Const Workers

Covid Vaccination For Maharashtra 10 Lakhs Registered Const Workers
Apr 2021 , by , in Interviews

Sunil Furde, CREDAI Maharashtra, New President

The safety of construction workers has always been a priority for CREDAI. Hence looking at the second wave of Corona, CREDAI will soon launch a special vaccination campaign for construction workers. Under this, CREDAI-Maharashtra aims to provide Covid-19 preventive vaccine to 10 lakh registered construction workers in the state in phase wise manner, free of cost, announced Furde.

The construction sector is the second largest employer in the country. Many organized, unorganized labourers who have settled in the state for subsistence depend on the construction sector. As the number of such workers is higher in Maharashtra as compared to other states, this vaccination campaign will be implemented across the state with CREDAI-Maharashtra on a priority. CREDAI-Maharashtra will set up all the necessary mechanisms for this and in the phase wise system this initiative will be carried out across the state as per the guidelines of the Central and State Governments.

Along with vaccination, CREDAI Maharashtra will soon undertake an ambitious initiative to conduct detailed market survey with respect to construction sector allied businesses and its city wise collection of information. We also aim to effectively implement the customer-oriented initiative CREDAI Hai, Toh Bharosa Hai’ (With CREDAI there is a Trust). It will guarantee customers to buy a home without any hesitation from registered CREDAI members. Today, CREDAI Maharashtra’s network extends to 59 cities in the state and has more than 3,000 members. CREDAI-Maharashtra has also taken up the ‘CREDAI, Aaplya Dari’ (CREDAI at your doorstep) scheme for these members, added Furde.

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