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Baetho is a no-code platform that eliminates the task of coding. It helps build interactive digital experiences to captivate customers, reducing development time by 50% and development cost by 60%.

Pratik Nagotra and Gautham Prakash, Co-founders – Revvster, in 2017 took on a real estate project to build an app for its salespeople which was later modified and branded as ‘Baetho’ for real estate. Realizing that developers needed customized product as per their specifications and there were a lot of inefficiencies in customising they soon developed a platform ‘Builder/ Composer’. Over the next 24 months, the team was building applications literally through drag and drop and the development times came down even further.

The first solution on Baetho was developed within 60 days for Karle Infra in 2019 for its 62-acre township project – Karle Town Centre in North Bengaluru. The client was able to view live inventory, enjoy a seamless connection to the CRM/ERP and make sales process free of laptops and excel sheets.


  1. An AV room with a remote control to highlight the brand and its achievements.
  2. A 3D printed model which works with a video wall and tab based remote control. Thus, when a model or video has to be changed, the cost is kept to a minimum for updates.
  3. An interactive meeting room solution either controlled by a remote application on a tab or directly by touch screen television, allowing customers and sales team to present content with real time properties pricing and availability.
  4. A sales application which digitizes brochures, inventory, pricing, customer on boarding process and even helps sales teams to present projects based on Karle’s proprietary classification methodology, allowing them to connect with a customer right from the beginning to the time of sales closure.


Revvster enabled real-time data captures of each stage of the customer’s journey with live feedback, thereby reducing the sales cycle by 40% and with live inventory, avoiding issue of double booking a property.

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