Current and Evolving Market scenario of AluminumDoors and Windows

Current and Evolving Market scenario of AluminumDoors and Windows
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India has anextraordinary variety of climatic regions but mostly it stays tropically warm climate for most time of the year; therefore, Aluminium, amongst other materials, has been the preferred and significant contributing material to the fenestration industry over the past years because of its non-corrosive, non-reactive, durable and recyclable nature.

Currently the fenestration industry in India is not the most organized but is in the transition phase and on the verge of getting more organized than ever. Product offerings are getting systematic, but the installation process is still lacking a proper structure and requires thorough pre and post sales training and hand-hold guidance to be carried out. Customization of products is required in 70 – 75% of the cases since there is no standardized planning of new construction forcing for customized solution requirement in most instances. There is a dire need of government – both state & central regulations for standardizing construction vis-à-vis building materials such doors and windows industry in India. Once standardization and regulations are set for manufacturing & fabrication establishments; high quality product delivery can be made possible with lesser lead time and more efficiency.

The demand for residential and commercial construction has witnessed a significant growth

in India from 2013 after the sluggish growth rates between 2008 to 2012. This growth can be

attributed to the increasing central & state government finances for infrastructure development projects, public funding, and a decline in the construction material prices. These factors could propel the overall Indian aluminum doors & windows market.

Shifting demographic and economic trends coupled with growing population will result in anenormous need for new infrastructure in the coming decade. Increasing government policies and spendingfor infrastructure development, such as sewage & waste disposable, education, streets &highways, transportation, water supply, and housing and commercial buildings, will help inthe overall Indian aluminum doors & windows market growth.

Keeping all the above factors in mind; cost optimized high performance windows will be a necessity. For better visibility, slimmer profiles will be in trend (“Less is more”, “slimmer the better”). With noise, dust pollution and extreme heat in summers and to counter these problems, Aluminium System Windows & Doors will have the most pivotal role to play in the outer skin of a building.

Lastly, with huge project announcements from the Government like 100 smart cities, and with the propositions by the Planning Commission to build over 20 million new houses in the next 10 years, the real estate sector in India continue to seek greener pastures. Thus, building material related segments such as system windows & door market will thrive again in the near future.

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