Customer Delight Guaranteed!

Customer Delight Guaranteed!
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In an exclusive interview with Pawan Jasuja, Director, Finlace Consulting talks about industry situation and his business work ethics with Realty Plus

When did you enter the profession?

We entered the field of real estate in the year 2008 and four years later, i.e., in 2012 Finlace Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was established in Noida with the aim to do away with the unethical practices and broken promises prevalent in the sector.

How would you define the industry today?

The industry today is becoming more consolidated and its players maturing, equipping themselves increasingly to deal with the needs and requirements of the end customers. With more and more regulations coming into existence, the sector is becoming accountable and transparent, heralding a positive change in the realty of India.

What steps do you take to regularize the brokers market from your end?

All our brokers are properly registered and we ensure complete integrity and transparency from our side. We ensure that our associates continue to learn to equip them to deal with the dynamic industry and make sure that only the best is delivered.

What are your strengths as a broker?

Finlace is established in 20+ Indian cities and 3 countries with a strong network of over 90 builder’s pan-India.

Our experienced management team with 800+ consultants, researchers and associates provide end to end solutions pertaining to real estate. We have a track record of honouring 100% credit notes and our customer satisfaction rate crosses 93%.

Do you have a portal? Are you on the social media?

Yes, we have portal- where all information pertaining to the organization can be easily accessed.

Apart from that, we are active on all social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

Do you provide after deal service? If yes, for how many months post a deal is closed?

Finlace actively provides after deal services, thanks to its fully functioning CRM department that works round the clock to provide seamless services. We accompany our clients, right from the first step till the very end, until the deal is closed, helping them and guiding them at every juncture.

Do you provide free assistance to your clients in paper work?

Yes, Finlace provides all kinds of paperwork assistance to its clients. This includes various services ranging from home loans, property documentation, project updates, re-sale and rentals.

Do you provide detailed records of the property prior to your deal?

Finlace strives to remain open to its client’s right from the beginning. We provide all the necessary details related to property consultancy, real estate portfolio management and even dispense NRI and HNI real estate services through a process oriented approach.

Do you feel the brokers market needs to be more organized? If yes, what do you think is the need of the hour?

The brokers market does need to be organised and made accountable owing to the prevalent frauds and unpleasant experiences of the end customers. To protect the consumers’ interests and promote fair play, provisions must be made for compulsory registration of realty projects and brokers to a regulatory authority established to deal with this sector. Also, an appellate tribunal, as suggested by the regulatory bill, will go a long way in adjudication of disputes and bringing in transparency in the real estate sector of the country.

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