Dawn of Artificial Intelligence

Dawn of Artificial Intelligence
Nov 2017 , by , in Realty Spotlight

The development and increasing importance of smart technologies are changing the reality of real estate in an increasingly connected day and age.

The pertinent tasks of the real-estate business are – accessing potential damage to a property, responding to prospective buyers query via using mediums such as ChatBOts, gauging a better design and understanding what will suit the needs of the prospective buyers. All these functions are rapidly being made faster and less expensive as the industry adopts better technology. Big Data is transforming real-estate.

As a matter of fact, the future of real-estate industry lies in the automation right at the early stages as well as a higher level of personalization and dedicated service when human interaction is required.Better recommendations for property are expected to come through a broader dataset of information about the individual or organization seeking real-estate. A corporate occupier profile could include information about their industry sector, competitors, revenue trends, or profitability – including broader aspects than the conventional requirement scope.

Combining improved insights aims to swing the balance away from the current listings approach and towards a more tailored list of recommendations based on an informed review of the current availability. It would provide a better solution for all automatic systems by using vision capability, learning ability, and decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to play a vital role in the property business globally. In India to to keep in sync with the trends and consumer preferences, there is no denying that AI will soon be the future for all activities in the real-estate sector, residential or commercial.

Talking about the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Smart Data, Anushree Srivastava, CEO & Co-founder of Zvesta, said, “Real estate developers need to be equipped with the knowledge of what to build, where to build and when to build and with the help of predictive analysis and AI, it is possible to predict what is the demand and where to fulfil that demand, leveraging data for maximum capital gain. The gaps can be bridged, so that the developers can channelize their investment in correct projects at the right locations and catering to the right set of buyers.”

Artificial Intelligent Engine -zvestaMATE  is intelligence based personalized  recommendation system with the predictive and forecasting model for buy, sell or rent,identification of right inventories with hot locations and desired amenities.



Zvesta is a technology provider to real-estate sector and developers. It offers SAAS model with Decision Support system. The engine would be used by builders and developers to organize their inventory and categorize each unit built by the company across the country. It aims to organise unorganised real estate industry and provide standard ERP to the builders, developers and to the consumers. It uses its predictive and forecasting model to empower and enable the buy, sale or rent of properties depending on the personalized locality and amenity choices.

Elaborating on the technology Rajan Dang, Founder & MD, Zvesta commented, “We are building an AI intent based engine for rating & recommendation of real-estate in India. zvestaMATE is a predictive analysis and AI solution platform for community sharing on the decision of what, when and where to buy property. We are also developing an analytical tool using the expertise of data scientist at Data Research lab.The company has also come up with an algorithm development and integration into web page along with sentiment analysis for opportunities in real business. With zVestaMATE engine, one can map a custom territory that offers the highest turnover and the potential in that market area.”


zvestaMATE Key Deliverables


zvestaMATE is about build & sale with advanced PA & AI automation  solutions & smart data analytics

·         Real Estate Predictive analytics

·         Artificial Intelligence enabled analysis to observe customer behaviour

·         Build profile of customer preferences

·         Centralized engine for hosting their inventories



Anushree Srivastava, Co-Founder & CEO– Srivastava has 17+ years of experience. A leader with a passion for growth-oriented business and a proven ability to identify opportunities, develop executional focus, and drive towards strategic results.


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Rajan Dang, Founder & MD- Dang has 15+ years of business portfolio. Building Artificial Intelligence engine, intent based rating & recommendation engine for the Real Estate Industry to bring transparency & organized industry.


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