DDA comes up with FAQs to ease business with people

DDA comes up with FAQs to ease business with people
01/04/2016 , by , in News/Views

Seeking to ease business and make its policies more accessible to the common man, the DDA has come up with a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) on technical details and terminologies used in its parlance including those in the Master Plan of Delhi 2021.

“We have come out with a number of frequently asked questions with replies for various public dealing departments like housing, land disposal, land management, sports, Master Plan, and uploaded the same on the DDA website,” a senior official of the housing authority said.

At present, the FAQs number around 200, under various department heads like housing, sports, vacant plots, lands, master plan, reported by PTI.

“In order to ease business, make transactions more comprehensible and to clarify misgivings which may arise in dealing with DDA, these FAQs have been put up. An attempt has been made to clarify and put in public domain the nitty-gritty of important transaction terms like conversion, mutation, change of name, address.

“Since Master Plan is a technical document and difficult to decode, FAQs on various development control norms, provisions related to construction, planning, and other aspects have been explained,” the official said.

FAQs on housing are related to issues like DDA flats, choice of locality, eligibility criterion, where and how to apply for conversion, whom to report in case of misuse.

Land disposal ones deals with the allotment of commercial land, industrial land and residential land, conversion and mutation cases. Also there is a provision wherein, any responsible citizen can help DDA by updating its data related to vacant plots, the urban body said.

“FAQs on Master Plan 2021 have been created with utmost care, skill and knowledge to provide information as given in the notified gazette for MPD 2021. DDA will keep updating these FAQs from time to time and based on queries received through various sources such as public dealing, call centres,” the DDA said.

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