De Earth creates a contextual abode for the common man

De Earth creates a contextual abode for the common man
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De Earth recently took the challenge of creating a “home” not just a shelter, which is responsive to the local culture, nature, neighborhood and the climate, all under a total budget of 4.5 lakhs indian rupees. This family the home was  designed for consisted of a bed ridden father, and a young daughter. The intension was to create a repeatable module for a typical family with two bedrooms, one hall, kitchen, work space and a toilet. Toilet was intentionally kept in the centre, avoiding the corners, so that the module can fit into any plot without any major Vastu rule variations.

SPACES were such designed to make sure maximum utility. The sloping roof in the hall give it a spacious look with 1.5 floor height and also helps to naturally ventilate the hot air through the small openings provided in the extended wall.

CLIMATE was well considered in deciding the form, materials and openings. the steel roof and clay tiles ensures a comfortable climate within and provides maximum cross ventilation. The perforated walls also provided continuous airflow.

CONTEXT was enhanced by adopting a very regional form. But with modern materials and contemporary space planning. The exposed materials, garden walls, creeper on pillars etc added to the overall feel of the space

PERFORATED openings helped t reduce windows, yet making sure there is total cross ventilation inside the house. The openings in all rooms as well as in the split roof contributed to a very special effect of day lighting inside.

MATERIALS were all sourced locally. Laterite was used as it was available locally in abundance and local labourers were very comfortable. In other regions, bricks, mud blocks etc can be used as per material availability and labour intensity. External doors were with hardwood and flooring is mainly red oxide and yellow oxide. Many walls are kept unplastered to make the material a part of the creation, especially the wall which was made by perforated mud bricks.

BUDGET was strictly kept within 5,00,000. We accepted the challenge of bringing it down to 4,50,000, but it further went up by 30,000 due to some last minute changes and adoptions to meet the family requirements especially in work area. The repeatable module can be easily constructed within INR 4,50,0000

MODULE can be repeated in any region within Kerala. The plan, estimate and structural drawings shall be published in public forums.

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