Defining Architectural Values: Ushering a New Era

Defining Architectural Values: Ushering a New Era

Architecture is a challenging field that has to assimilate technological explorations and upcoming new trends.  Some prodigious architects and designers are bringing avant-garde changes in the way we think ‘Design’

Text: Sreyasi Maity

Architecture is where science and art interconnect to produce masterpieces. Indian design glorifies the heritage and diversity of the striking nation but Indian architecture famed for its intricacies has undergone a drastic change in the last two decades. In the past, each Indian city had an individual distinguishing identity. That over the course of rapid urbanization has been mitigated. Architects began to design buildings in the same typology of glass and aluminum with no care for the environment.

Fortunately, in the last few years from mere handful, more and more designers are now showing inclination towards sustainable design methods and taking cue from the vernacular building style to create modern buildings. Architects and designers are now initiating incorporation of more ecologically viable aspects in their projects. The importance of individuality has once again come to the forefront.

Veteran Architect Balkrishna Doshi made history by becoming first-ever Indian to win the Pritzker Prize 2018, considered the Nobel Prize in architecture. This has set the tone for year 2019 where young architects and designers will take inspiration from Doshi’s work, looking past the western influences and incorporating Indian design ethos in their architecture.

Towards Glocalization

‘The world is flat’ as propagated by Thomas L. Friedman analyzing globalization holds true for design industry as  the world increasingly offers a level playing field with an equal opportunity. While, many Indian architects are exploring foreign shores setting their practices in other countries, many international design firms as well as Indian architects practicing abroad are setting their design footprints in India.

Indian designers are making rigorous efforts to create evocative architecture. The aim is not only to create an awarding winning masterpiece but also to create something that adds value to the surrounding area. Even developers when constructing projects have realized the importance of sustainable and contextual design. More than just putting up a building they are looking to provide their customers with a holistic living experience. This is ushering in a new architectural era. At the forefront of the new era is environmentally conscious architecture. Also read

The Design Struggle

As nothing in life comes without struggles, Indian architecture too faces its obstacles. The challenge in Indian architecture comes in the form of rapid urbanization. The globalization of trade and commerce has led scores of people to flock to metro cities and commercial hubs. The biggest task for architects and designers today is to assimilate the complexity and to find a way in which new Indian architecture can be represented in skyscrapers and other towering urban edifices.

The rise of the middle-class individuals has also given impetus to the aspirational architecture for an improved lifestyle. The transformation from less well-built structures to modern high rise residential living is, of course evident in many districts of the major cities in India.

There is a great demand for modern residential complexes built with better quality, planning and amenities. Architecture is now the reachable dream for a lot of middle-class families in India and architects need to attune their own design aspirations to fulfilling their dreams. Rather than the ‘Captain of the ship’, architects will increasingly be expected to be part of design-build teams and will have to gear up their skills and services according to the modern construction methods.

The New Beginnings

In the recent past, the design industry has seen an influx of young and talented individuals experimenting with modern styles. The New Year looks to only add to this bright prospect. From leading fashion designers venturing into the real estate space and experimenting with creative designs to the introduction of new and innovative design products, the design industry is only heading towards brighter horizons.

As we look ahead to 2019, the Indian architecture and design industry will bring new efficacies and cost saving as well as altering the landscape of design. The year 2019 will witness the construction of more green and eco-friendly projects, thus bringing a holistic approach to Indian architecture. The rising architecture stars and veterans will bring a revolutionary change to India’s skylines forever.

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