Delhi Development Authority Moots Policy to Sell Surrendered Flats

Delhi Development Authority Moots Policy to Sell Surrendered Flats
14/09/2021 , by , in News/Views

The Delhi Development Authority is likely to bring in a ‘first come first served’ policy to sell flats that were either surrendered, rejected, or remained un-allotted in previous housing schemes.

DDA commissioner (housing) V S Yadav said, “The proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to consider giving people flats for those inventories that are not in demand. “When we say ‘not in demand’, it means sectors where 50% houses have been either being cancelled, surrendered, or remained un-allotted.” 

The decision was prompted by the fact that past schemes saw flats being surrendered on a large scale due to issues like last-mile connectivity, water, transportation, and steep prices. In the 2021 scheme launched in January too, 51% flats — 694 out of 1,354 units, as per DDA data — at locations such as Dwarka and Jasola have been surrendered, forcing the land-owning agency to conduct a fresh draw of lots.

 If the policy is approved, most of these surrendered flats — 175 out of 215 HIG flats in Jasola, and 295 out of 352 MIG flats in Dwarka Sector 19 — would be on offer on a ‘first come first served’ basis. “All other rules that are applicable when a person buys a flat under draw of lots to be eligible would be followed,” said Yadav.

It was found that during the draw of lots, several serious buyers do not get flats. “This led to the flats being surrendered, especially in the current situation where real estate prices as well as income have dipped due to Covid. There is no point holding on to these flats for the next draw when we receive requests from people who want to purchase these flats as it suits their requirements. So, we have asked the MoHUA to consider the proposal,” he said.

Holding on to flats also means investing in their upkeep… when we can’t maintain them, it leads to wear and tear and creates a bad perception… So after the draw, we can go ahead with this system if ministry gives us permission. As per rules, the DDA can conduct a draw of lots followed by a mini draw. In the latter, only around 20% of those on the wait list during the first draw can participate.


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