Density Bonus

Density Bonus
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The increased concentration of urban population is a global phenomenon. Mumbai, like many other Asian cities, is synonymous with compact and high-density living.

The financial capital of India, Mumbai attracts thousands of people from across the length and breadth of the country, seeking their proverbial pot of gold. Given the dearth of land parcels, current projects are often cluttered with living areas becoming extremely congested thus affecting the quality of life and proffered luxury. Mumbai, the maxima city and often regarded as the city of dreams is already overflowing owing to the influx of professionals ranks third in the list of densest cities in the world, as per a report by the United States-based demographia, which points out that an average 32,300 people are crammed in a space of 1 sq km in the city.

Luxury housing is ever so often associated with large homes and lavish international designs and interiors, with little consideration given to the exteriors. There needs to be an increased focus on the intangible features such as privacy, open spaces and green cover that contribute in defining the luxury quotient of the project.It is the need of the hour toprovide populaceswith open and recreational spaces in luxury offerings in this chaotic city life.

At present, there are a burgeoning number of high-density luxury projects in Mumbai, but if one were to analyse the ground truth of these projects one would see the high-density concentration levels in lush locations like Worli, Lower Parel, Prabhadevi, etc. A large number of amenities are offered on a platter to a large number of people per square foot, increasing the density of the project leaving residents craving for that privacy and contradicts the very essence of true luxe. Several projects in these plush pin codes are spread over 1 to 3 acres, with 500 to 1000 families cramped into it, in the name of luxury.

With that kind of population residents end up sharing space with many others despite paying a premium for a luxurious apartment in a premium location.  The myopic FSI policy has created population densities in Mumbai that are 10 to 15 times higher than the ideal density level of 300 people per acre.Implementing projects on the base FSI of 1.33 would allow developers to offer exclusivity, privacy and the premium tag. In this enthralling metropolitan life, density is a key necessity to delivering true luxury and indulgence.

In an endeavor to offer the who’s who of the city a space they can call a sanctuary, K Raheja Corp’s latest uber-luxury masterpiece Artesiawill expose residents to a world within itself. Artesia is based on the low-density concept, giving 100 families an enormous landscape podium, open spacesand large green expanses within the project. Designing these is UK’s leading designer Martin Kemp doing the show apartment and the common areas; JPA Design of Singapore designing yet another show apartment for the truly luxurious feel and world famous landscape artist Burega Farnel ensuring the best green open spaces. To further enrich the living experience, Artesia’s amenities have cutting-edge aesthetics that adds modernism and vibrancy to the creation. Some of the state-of-the-art experience that residents revel in includes a large-size swimming pool, children’s play area, relaxation areas, a fully equipped gymnasium, and large open spaces. From a palatial lobby to a grand podium deckresidents are offered a timeless, elegant, yet effortlessly modern development which is nothing short of the extraordinary.

Meticulously designed to luxurious standards for market-makers, the 45-storey cutting-edge creation will spread across a 5.2 acre land parcel with only 20,000 sq ft of building footprint, just so that the like-minded get the unbridled privacy they deserve, wrapped in scenic vistas.

As much as the density inside of a project is important, the environs play an equally crucial role in contributing to the true luxe experience. Several luxury sky scrapers are often built under the SRA scheme which sees haphazard development and increasing density levels without improving the infrastructure of the area, leading to a sense of claustrophobia, thereby deteriorating the living experience.

Amidst all of this Artesia stands tall, giving its residents a sense of luxe in its true sense, with a neighborhood that is clutter-free, have low density, and spaces that speak of open-ness.

The time couldn’t be more perfect for you to evaluate your luxury residence basis ‘density’, the word that should be a true justification to the over-used adjective called ‘luxury’!

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