Design to meet stringent IS Code specifications

Design to meet stringent IS Code specifications
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Abhijit Lunkad, CEO, Birla Shakti Concrete, talks about market trends and future plans of his company

What are the latest products offered by your brand?

We produce the complete range of market-leading, high performance concrete mixes from M7.5 to M110 grades, including M10 pumpable concrete, designed to meet stringent IS Code specifications and new-age construction applications. Some of our latest concrete mixes include:

Termicrete: It is a anti-termite concrete. Termicrete is a concrete primarily developed to facilitate Anti Termite characteristics in concrete. It is most suitable for PCC laid on excavated surface at site.

WPCRETE: It is a pore-blocking hydrophobic concrete. Water absorption is significantly reduced in this concrete. Special Additives are added which react with the cement hydration process to form a hydrophobic ingredient to reduce the capillary suction and prevent the ingress of potentially deleterious soluble material, resulting in concrete with enhanced durability, which increases lifespan of structure.

SELFCRETE: It is high-performance super flowable concrete. SELFCRETE is a concrete primarily developed for high performance to facilitate high strength gain with super flow.

What are the market trends for 2016?

Market will continue to grow by 15-20%. A growing IT & services hub, a big manufacturing base for the auto industry and the recent inclusion in the Smart Cities zone, will continue to evolve the Pune real estate market from one characterized by low-rise structures to high rise residential and commercial buildings. This will grow the market for concrete, as well as spur the demand for higher-grade concrete mixes between M40 to M50, from the previous range of M30 in 2013/2014.

What is the USP of your company?

Market-leading, high performance & consistent quality concrete mixes from M7.5 to M110 grades (including M10 pumpable concrete), designed to meet stringent IS Code specifications & new-age construction applications, with 100% assured delivery times, remains our critical differentiator in the market. Our concrete achieves more strength than what IS Code prescribes.

We have India’s largest fully automated & computer-aided design manufacturing facility including Putzmeister Truck mounted Moli Pumps, Putzmeister Boom Placer ,a state of the art concrete testing lab, and single largest fleet of Liebherr Transit Mixers mounted on AMW vehicles, complete with GPS tracking systems to ensure our commitment to excellence, strength, and on-time delivery.

What is the target audience for your products?

Real estate conglomerates, design-build firms, government bodies, contractors, construction professionals, individual home owners. Some of our clients include Sobha Developers, Raheja, Kumar Properties, Kolte Patil Real Estate, NCC Ltd., Goel Ganga, Karia Realty and Suyogdham Infrastructures LLP.

What are your future plans?

As the real estate market continues to evolve, we are looking forward to expanding our operations both in terms of scope of our product range as well as scale of operations. By 2018, we are planning to open another plant in Chakan or Hinjewadi. The western corridor towards the areas in and around Hinjewadi like Wakad, Baner, Tathavade, Pimple Saudagar & Balewadi are witnessing good growth and another plant in this location will leave us well placed to serve the market.

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