Design’s Changing Dynamics in Pandemic

Design’s Changing Dynamics in Pandemic
May 2021 , by , in Interviews

Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, Chromed Design Studio

How residential spaces are looking up during this pandemic?

With the changing dynamics in the design norms due to the global health emergency, there have been various new trends and updates in the residential design sector recently. People today have started realising the need for open & outdoor spaces, terrace gardens, home-office spaces, gymnasiums, and other basic amenities outlined inside their houses due to the pandemic. There is an increased demand for open kitchens with provision for eating areas over the counter designs and a lesser surge in the traditional kitchen design that encloses itself away from the rest of the house. 

How architect are approaching design?

Architects these days are including a blend of traditional and modern design styles in a lot of their projects instead of keeping the layouts monotonous. There is higher experimentation and interplay in colours and textures rather than designing the space in one style and shade. Consumers are now including greenery and biophilic design instead of going for pale monochromatic rooms.

Some of the Case Studies by Chromed Design Studio

Nizamuddin Residence is a hybrid of a residence and a workspace which is the exact need of the hour in current times. The challenge was to incorporate the right balance, giving the structure the look & feel of a cozy home yet a corporate office altogether. Also, the client needed an airy yet private residence. A bold statement has been made in this residence, with the merging of modern, contemporary, and minimalist styles, focusing on the functional regime ensuring safety with the home office and open spaces like expansive balcony areas and open plan concept for the ease of the residents.

Gupta residence located in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi follows a contemporary design style typically offset by neutral colors. It is a modern interpretation of Indian dwellings that melds historic elements with current lifestyle concepts. The most distinguishing feature of this house lies in the master bedroom. The wall behind the bed is covered with artificial green plants giving the residents a sense of being close to nature. The incorporation of a green wall not only gives a dynamic view but offers much-needed solace.

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