Digital Marketing Trends 2019: Brandniti+Design brings forth the importance of digital media in real estate marketing

Digital Marketing Trends 2019: Brandniti+Design brings forth the importance of digital media in real estate marketing

“If we can purchase everything online then why not homes, that’s why the importance of digital media is getting bigger with each passing day in real estate marketing,” says Smita B. Thorat, Founder & CEO, Brandniti+Design

With technology changing its face every day, our communication tactics are changing every day, too. With the ruling of the Internet, Indian millennial homebuyers can short-list, crosscheck and authenticate information from multiple digital sources, before taking a final decision. Considering this the digital agencies need to up their games in order to deliver the best possible customer experiences to stay relevant in the market place. Not surprisingly, digital media is going to be the most preferred marketing media for realtors in 2019.

Indian Digital Advertising market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 32% in 2019, according to recent reports. Machine Learning is going to get bigger and we are expecting to see data analysis and consumer behaviour mapping space gaining more momentum in real estate marketing. Going forward, social media is going to play a very vital role in custom acquisition and establishing meaningful relationships with customers. I see AI ( Artificial Intelligence) playing an important role in real estate marketing, too. AI-based CRM will bring in the personalization that real estate industry needs through data aggregation and tailor messaging to establish and maintain long-term relationships between the brands and their customers.

As the world of digital is shifting to mobile platform, completely, developers would adopt a ‘mobile-first’ digital strategy in coming days. Websites optimized for mobile platform, in-App advertisements, content that is suitable for mobile consumption etc. are going to be the important areas

Real estate brands are not one of the most ‘image conscious’ brands but the recent policy reforms and the advent of digital media have certainly worked in the favour of real estate image upliftment. Some of the benefits of digital marketing include – Cost efficiency, Wide coverage and in-depth analysis. Successfully adapting to the changes the media offers is only possible through a holistic approach to lead generation.

If you are a real estate developer and you aren’t focusing on your digital presence, you are missing out on huge opportunities. As per our estimation, digital media will drive 75-80% of direct real estate sales for developers and marketing companies.


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