Director of realty firm arrested for duping home buyer

Director of realty firm arrested for duping home buyer
14/03/2019 , by , in News/Views

A director of a real estate firm has been arrested from Noida for selling single properties to multiple people at a time.

The company would offer office and residential apartments to buyers through advertisements in newspapers and on television. A case was registered in Delhi after the buyers found that the apartment they had booked for crores of rupees was also owned by several others.

Additional CP (EOW) Suvashis Chaudhary said they had received a complaint from one of the homebuyers. The buyer had gone to check on the apartment and found that each one was sold to multiple buyers who were fighting for its ownership. All the apartments were also just partially constructed.

“We registered a case of cheating and criminal breach of trust against the company and its directors. A probe was initiated, during which of the one of the directors, AnoopMithas, was arrested,” said Chaudhary.

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