‘Dream World City’Global Township Project introduced by Jain Group

 ‘Dream World City’Global Township Project introduced by Jain Group
23/05/2018 , by , in News/Views

Service is the new flavour in the affordable housing segment. Till the 80’s residential complex for the middle class and lower middle class in the state meant a cluster of brick structure. The middle class dream was to have “A roof on the head”. All these started changing from the 90’s with developers offering planned complex for the lower middle class and others. It provided an affordable complex for various income categories with facilities that went beyond the mere concept of providing ‘A roof on the head’ that changed the entire competition space for realtors. Nearly 3 decades down the line customers are now looking for aspirational value in affordable housing products.

Jain Group’s Dream World City project in Pailan, which focuses on landscaping and the architectural design of the estate with various famous global city themes like London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Istanbul, Dubai and Kolkata along with some never seen before features and amenities for the residents. The idea here is to provide the resident with a taste of living in such exotic places as a dream of people who cannot visit these places.The main highlight of the project is that each residential block in the township will highlight the architecture of international cities like London, Paris, Dubai, Istanbul, Milan, Madrid and Kolkata.

Situated in Nepalganj Road, Pailan world school and in close proximity with IIM Kolkata and Joka, Dream World City project is spread across an area of more than 20 acres. The total investment for the project is around Rs 550 crores and expected turnover from the project is around Rs 750 crores. The architectural design for the project has been done by Prakalpa.

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