Easy and Affordable Ways to Increase Property Value

Easy and Affordable Ways to Increase Property Value
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The home décor is no longer a matter to be resolved only during festive occasions like Diwali but has become an ongoing pursuit for many homeowners. With the right knowledge, it is possible to increase the value of your home or property.

Property buyers choose their establishments based on four aspects external characteristics; internal features; market outlook (supply and demand); and location. The broadest spectrum of buyers finds themselves attracted to spacious rooms and a well-maintained property. Renovations and decors are the most needed when it comes to increasing up the property’s value. However, the entire process can be made more exciting, by making wise choices and decisions. It is essential to make the interiors of the home pleasant as well as protect the exteriors from the adverse effects of the changing weather. The best way to invigorate your home décor is to incorporate fresh colors in your home for strengthening its surface value.

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AkzoNobel India, the leading paints and coatings company and the makers of Dulux paintsshares a few affordable and easy ways to increase the market value of one’s property:


Set the first impression right

When walking through the streets of one’s neighborhood, often the external appeal of a property would be the first to catch one’s attention. An exterior that is warm, welcoming and structurally-sound forms a good first impression. The first step to exterior beautification is to make a list of simple renovation ideas such as decorating the walkway with flower pots. Also, use paint product such as Aquatic that provides advanced solutions to fix and prevent all common problems related to dampness and seepage. It will take a new layer of paint to revitalize the entire exterior look of home.


People’s eyes wander while entering the house is the door, homeowners can prep up with Sadolin product. It provides the best wood protection, care and maintain colour consistency of the wooden substrate. Repainting is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to charm passers-by. However, with a little imagination and some clever decorating ideas, even the humblest courtyard can be transformed into a charming outdoor area.


Upgrade your kitchen

It may sound unbelievable at first, but multiple researches show that the kitchen is the number one must-upgrade section of the house.

Here are a few tips for minor kitchen remodeling:

  • Change the paint. It’s simple, but it works.
  • Keep the interior and color scheme simple. You can choose natural and subdued. Heart Wood is a nice pinkish brown which adds sophistication and subtle elegance to one’s kitchen. Pair with surfaces and fixtures that are versatile.
  • Blended tranquil
  • Use a deep blue accent (Blue) on one of the walls to tie this pallete together. The result is a soothing, airy kitchen, perfect for enjoying cooking. Lighting, such as under-cabinet fixtures, will also add ambiance and highlight the materials in the kitchen.


Beautify your bathroom.

The bathroom is the next spot to remodel, as a quick refresh can positively affect a potential buyer’s impression of the home through some luxury bathroom fittings.

One way to do it is to switch up the tiles and play with textures. Beautiful tiles can be expensive, especially if a contractor is hired to lay it all out. A good budgeting tip is to limit the number of tiles used, and focus on high-impact areas only, such as flooring. If your bathroom tiles are white or neutral, you have the perfect opportunity to experiment by painting any remaining wall space in a daring colour you’ve always wanted to try.Combining fern green (Green) and white will help make a small bathroom feel fresh and airy, while marine blue will have a calming effect and help unify a mismatched scheme. And don’t forget about yellow. An intense shade is perfect for dark bathrooms and will immediately lift your spirits.


Consider painting bathroom shelves or cabinets in lively shades to draw the eye away from cramped areas and create focal points. Choose fresh, fruity, crisp tones that work well with white, such as mango or lemon. Bright yellows will also instantly lift the spirit and help to create a restful haven for your body and mind.


When done right, increasing one’s property value can be a hassle-free process.


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